We'll Pin Your Pins

Pinterest is rapidly becoming the social media channel for the Creative Industry.

The power and importance of social media within the wedding industry is huge. Im pretty sure if you ask most brides-to-be what their first step of wedding planning is, they will tell you it’s to create a Pinterest Board of their ideal wedding. In years gone by this was achieved by buying copious amounts of magazines and creating an actual collage of ideas and likes. Today with the help from Social media networks this is all made so much quicker and easier and the bride can share her dreams and aspirations with whomever she pleases with a click of a button.

It’s free to sign up, and Pinterest users can upload, save, sort and organise images, or ‘pins’ through collections known as pin boards. Users can browse the content of others, and save individual pins to their own pin boards using the ‘Pin it’ button. If browsing a website other than Pinterest, images can be pinned to users’ pin boards using a ‘Pin it’ button that can be downloaded to the bookmark bar on your web browser. Users can also ‘repin’ pins from others on their own pin boards.

Pinterest also allows businesses to create business pages that they can use to promote their company online. These pages could be described as ‘virtual shopfronts’, allowing Pinterest users to browse items for sale on their website. And it’s big business; brand studies have continued to show that Pinterest is more effective at driving sales than other forms of social media. As well as images, business pages can also include various data, topics and information such as prices of products, availability, testimonials, you name it.

Pinterest has been dubbed ‘the new Google’, due to the fact that it has a powerful search which many people actually turn to before the search engine giant. It might sound unbelievable, but the reason for this is that many people simply prefer the visual search results that Pinterest offers. Pins on Pinterest also have great longevity too, for example, if you share a pin today, it will still be coming up in search results weeks, months and even years later.

We highly recommend that your company has a presence on Pinterest. Everything about the Wedding Industry screams pretty visual images.We can set this up for you, re-vamp an existing account, manage and maintain.Dont miss this wonderful opportunity to showcase your work on one of the worlds biggest visual platforms.