An Evening of Delight

Imagine my delight when a VIP invite popped into my inbox from makeup artist Clare Pinkney to join her at the Caudalie Boutique Spa. How could any girl refuse.

Oh and what an evening of delight beheld me, full of fabulous products, wonderful wine,friends and the most amazingly knowledgeable and helpful staff.

I fell in love with Jean-Axel immediately especailly when he said " I ave a veeery strong French accent", in his fabulously brilliant English, as only the French can.

A "Caudalie", as I now know; is a unit measuring the duration of a wine's flavour on the palate. For each second the flavour remains this is a caudalie. A quality wine will contain many caudalie's. I've been a wine lover for many years and never knew this little gem of information.I give it to you now along with some other quality treasures you simply must try.

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I gave up looking at beauty products many years ago as my skin became more and more sensitive to more and more products.; so having spent the last ten years or so only using prescription cleansers and moisturisers I was a little unsure how I would react to the products but decided to embrace the experience and try everything. Oh what joy, products that are not only made from natural ingredients but smell natural too - no chemicals or enhancers - Caudalie is the real thing - the bees knees you could say. Just fantstic.

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Caudalie offers a complete range or cleansers, serums, treatments, moisturisers, gels, fragrances, lip balms and for those of us lucky enough to spend the evening with Axel and his team - wine! Wonderful rich wine made from the same grapes as the Caudalie products themselves. Bliss.

So much choice is often confusing and it can be tempting not to look further but heres the best bit - Clare is not only an expert in her field of makeup but also offers a two hour, detailed make-up and skincare lesson which includes a Caudalie skincare prescription.How could you not book yourself in for this!

To help guide you with some initial purchases here are some of the products that Clare would not be without:

Caudalie Beauty Elixir – award winning elixir , tones , hydrates, instantly refreshes . Gives the skin a glow. Can be used as skincare prep as a toner but also after make-up application to set and hydrate skin. Amazing for long haul flights.
Caudalie Grape Water Spray – Clare always use this on brides, instantly hydrates dry skin, ideal for redness, hormonal imbalances, insect bites, skin allergies, rosacea, eczema and eye soother for hay fever etc. Good for flights too.
Caudalie Foaming Cleanser – the perfect cleanser, soft and gentle. removes make-up , instantly cleans and refreshes without over drying the skin
Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum – fades pigmentation and gives the skin a glow
Caudalie Divine Body Oil – the best dry oil ever. smells divine. Non sticky, hydrates the skin. Clare uses this on models limbs, brides with dry elbows, ideal for redness on the back of arms and legs.
Caudalie Divine Body Scrub – takes away any trace of dry skin.

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Enjoying the love...being spritzed, cleansed, refreshed and amazed by The Caudalie products and wine.

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You will never again be at a loss at to what to buy that special female friend. Absolutely anything from this range will be met with sheer delight and joy. With Christmas just around the corner I urge you to go and meet Holly, Jennifer and Axel. Caudalie is part of the "1% for the Planet" movement and donates 1% of its global sales to NPOs that work to protect the environment. By 2020, 5 million trees will be planted around the world.

Be amazed, be spoilt, be pampered, come away in the knowledge that you will be making someone very happy and in the process you are helping nature too. What better excuse to shop could anyone give you!

All photos from the evening are by Zosia Zacharia Photography shot in the beautiful Covent Garden branch of Caudalie

You can contact Clare for any makeup requirements at  Clare Pinkney Makeup