Don't be afraid to make changes

For months I asked myself what, why, where, how. It took me a long while to realise I could let go of Emma Hunt Wedding Dresses and move on.

I had had such high hopes for the business but with one thing and another I never quite managed to get the business where I wanted it to be and so often felt like a failure because of that. One of the many problems of being a perfectionist!


It was my baby, my heart, my soul, my could I possibly give it up? Yet, despite the love, the affection, the attachment: there was a niggling feeling that it was time for a change, time to slow down, time to spend more time with my family and friends or least have the flexibility of knowing I am there for them if I am needed.


As it happens, life itself intervened and set in motion a series of events that made my decision easier and made it feel as though it was meant to be. I do believe that things happen for a reason and everything was telling me - do it, do it now.

The first few months were really tough. I had completely turned my life upside down with a move as well as a change of life. It became the complete opposite of my life before and everything I loved. I was so far out of my comfort zone I wanted to run. This was mainly though, due to the house and not the change of job. We had agreed to help out the family and manage the re-decoration of a property to prepare it for the rental market. It turned into a complete refurbishment, with re-wiring, re-building, rot everywhere, walls falling down, so much noise, dust and chaos and no escape.

Eight months later, there is light. No noise. No dust. I can think again and finally turn my attention back to the job I am now doing.

With no regrets, I feel a sense of energy that I haven't had for a long time. I am ready to embrace my new path, my new journey. I can look back and be proud. Be happy that I was able to spend 18 years of my life doing something I loved and in the process making people happy too.



I am glad I had the courage to listen to that voice; to make those life changes. I am so much happier and far less stressed. I sleep for seven hours (unless the cat decides otherwise) I have time for a life outside of work and more importantly I have time for me. Something I sorely neglected for far too long. I am really enjoying my new job working within the bridal industry with a host of wonderful people. It's opened my eyes up even further to an industry I know very well.


Social media can be all consuming and somewhat overwhelming for many but it is such an important part of running a successful bridal business that it simply can not be ignored.

By setting up a virtual space you are increasing the public awareness of your brand. It helps you attract more possible clients. With a constant,relevant feed on all your social media platforms you will reach a stronger, wider audience. People will start to take notice and be waiting for your next posts. It will give your existing and potential clients a chance to interact with each other and your business and thus become loyal to your brand. It helps you to build relationships with others in the same industry.   bouq hair kf cake sw jb

Above images curtesy of my Instagram feed. Full credits available at emmahuntlondon

If you are still unsure why you should use social media for your business, see the list below for a better understanding of a few of the things it can do:

It spreads the word.It helps you build relationships and attract more clients. It helps you connect with others in the same industry. It improves efficiency of customer service. It gives you inspiration. It showcases your goods.

EHL Pinterest

These are my latest pins from my Pinterest account. You can see more at emmahuntlondon.

To me there is no doubt that the power and importance of social media within the wedding industry is huge. Im pretty sure if you ask most brides-to-be what their first step of wedding planning is, they will tell you it’s to create a Pinterest Board of their ideal wedding. In years gone by this was achieved by buying copious amounts of magazines and creating an actual collage of ideas and likes. Today with the help from Social media networks this is all made so much quicker and easier and the bride can share her dreams and aspirations with whomever she pleases with a click of a button.

With the rise of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, wedding planning has changed – which is the major reason why social media is just as important for wedding vendors as they are for brides.


                   HouseOfElliot 2 lingerie b  CbK eddie judd ph  DonnaOutdoor beach wedding  

Above images from left to right:

House of Elliot whom I have worked with on several occasions co-styling photo shoots. I adore working with Nicole and her fabulous brand. These beautiful lace boots are so unique and exquisitely made and are growing rapidly in popularity with brides looking for something a little more unusual to wear on their wedding day. Do go and look at the website to see the entire collection. There are red and black boots too and some fab lace shoes.

Cakes by Krishanthi is the most fabulous business run by Krishanthi. I am  dearly hoping that she will ask me to be her chief taster but in the meantime, I will settle myself with providing her with copy as and when required. Krishanthi's cakes are works of art, her sugar flowers are so realistic you would never believe they are edible and the cakes are absolutely sublime. Mouthwateringly amazing. This beautiful image is by Eddie Judd

Donna Crain Surrey is owned and run by Donna. An amazing lady with a huge heart and a wonderful talent. Every piece is designed and made by her own fair hands. I absolutely love being part of the team and taking care of the social media for them. So much pretty. Donna's studio is an oasis of calm filled with heavenly bridal accessories that take your breath away. There really is something for everyone. Photo: Ilaria Petrucci , Hair and Makeup Liz Patey

Cover image is by the amazing Stacia Morgan Photography who is based in Miami and takes the most extraordinary images and has in a very short time recently won many awards within the bridal industry. This woman is magical and I am hugely lucky to have spent time with her shooting a fantasic styled shoot which we will be sharing later this year. In the meantime do go check out Stacia's amazing work. Thank you Stacia XX

It is my intention and perhaps mission; to make your life easier. To give you the peace of mind you need to stop worrying about your social media and focus on what you do best. The reason you get up in the morning. To design, create, manage, organise, photograph. The reason you entered the wedding industry in the first place. Let me do the rest for you.

Side by side we will make our lives better, our business grow and our free time more enjoyable. I so look forward to making this journey with you.



Emma icon 1 xx