Katja Nuutinen Couture

I first met Katja about four years ago as our businesses were around the corner from each other and we were able to recommend each other to our clients. Over the years we have worked on several weddings together with us making the wedding dress and Katja supplying the all important Mother of the Bride outfit.

With a mutual repect for each others work our friendship has also blossomed.Proud to be a friend X

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Katja specializes in designing bespoke couture outfits ranging from glamorous red carpet couture gowns to chic, beautifully tailored special occasion outfits, Mother of the Bride outfits and bespoke accessories. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend her knowing not only the quality of her work but also her understanding and honesty when it comes to advising a client what does and doesnt work.

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Totally love Katja's new hat collection too. There is no end to her talent.

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