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Due to its pure visual nature Instagram is an extremely powerful media.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks and platforms in the world having about 300M active users each month, it is the world’s gallery of more than 20 billion photo posts.

Whether you’re a famous make-up artist or a flourishing brand, you’ll want to increase your following. Everything about weddings must be aesthetically impressive, from your wedding invitations and cakes, to bridal accessories and bouquets, so it makes sense as a wedding business to have an Instagram account to visually communicate with customers.

With continued growth in the number of users and time spent using mobile devices the importance of being able to reach users on their chosen device is at an all-time high. Mobile is quickly becoming the primary way users are accessing their online content. Instagram was originally conceived as an app giving its platform a leg-up on its competitors that were originally created as desktop sites. Instagram’s simple and easy to use platform has remained fairly consistent since its launch unlike its competitors who are constantly updating their apps to integrate pages and menus.

Unlike other social media channels, Instagram does not give your followers the option of preventing posts from popping up in their feed. If a follower of yours doesn’t want to see your post, they need to unfollow you. This means that your marketing efforts will appear in 100% of your followers’ feeds, greatly increasing the chances that they will be seen. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has continued to invest in its advertising services making it difficult for businesses to reach their followers organically.

With the introduction of advertising,stories and business profiles which offer special features just for them, the appeal of Instagram is evermore strong.

It is important with Instagram to decide on how you want your profile to look and how often you will post new data. Its very easy to creat a muddled feed than confuses more than it appeals. A good looking feed is as important as an individul post. Let us help you with this. We can offer our guidance on the best look for your company and product and make suggestions how we think your product is best captured and shown to the bigger audience.We are happy to offer our help on any scale. If you just want one post a day, we can do this. Five a day is no problem either. Whatever works for you. The most important thing is consistency and quality of post.

Instagram is real and happening. Being the only social media platform that can not be pre scheduled it can often be the one that is neglected. This really isnt an option. We are here to help you.