A little about me

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Hello, I'm Emma, the creative force behind Emma Hunt London.
For the past 3 years I have been working with a variety of creatives, mainly within the Wedding Industry supporting individuals and businesses to manage or co-manage their social media.
I'd like to think that in that time I have built a reputation for being reliable, honest, trustworthy and someone who gets the job done.
Some of my clients have come and gone as they have only needed me for a short time to help out: others I have had the pleasure of working with for almost the entire three years.
I have found that the best way of working is to offer a flexible service that best suits the clients needs, after all it is about you and making your work life balance better. I pride myself in knowing the Wedding Industry not quite inside out but let's say "very well" having now spent the last 22 years working within it.
This in turn means I know the market well. If you are a member of the Wedding Industry looking for support within your company you can rest assured I have a pretty good understanding of what your future clients are looking for.
I grew up in a beautiful picturesque coastal village in East Anglia where I learnt the beauty of nature, freedom, self-discipline and hard work. I spent three years at Kingston Poly studying a degree in fashion design. At that time, I really had no idea what I wanted to do, I knew I loved clothes and fashion but didn't seem able to find my niche. As a means to keeping a roof over my head I spent several years working in the catering industry, which taught me many skills least of which were communication, professionalism, and good customer service.
I finally decided to put my skills to the test and became the proud owner of a wonderful business creating couture wedding dresses. 


I went on to run this for 18 years, until quite recently. Over the years, I had the pleasure of working with the most lovely women from all over the country and some even came further afield. It was an amazing, satisfying and rewarding journey and we made many brides extremely happy. I gave it up four years ago to spend more time with my husband and am so glad I did as he sadly lost his fight against cancer last year. I will treasure the time we had together so much and am so grateful I had a job that allowed me to be with him as much as I needed.
Last year with my adorable cat in tow, we started a new chapter in an idyllic village in West Sussex, surrounded by countryside. I need green space and I love to listen to the birds singing, even more so now, but I am still close enough to London to get my city fix. Win win.
I am a great organiser, a perfectionist, fussy some might say.... I like things just so! I really enjoy a challenge, cannot wait to tackle problems and love making other people happy.
I like order and calm, wear too much black, love my boots. 
Enough about me - this is about you and what we can do to help. So looking forward to the potential of working with you to create magic xx