A little about me

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Hello, I'm Emma. I've been the creative force behind Emma Hunt London since its set up in 1989. I am now very excited to be starting a new adventure.

I grew up in a beautiful picturesque coastal village in East Anglia where I learnt the beauty of nature, freedom, self discipline and hard work. I spent three years at Kingston Polytechnic studying fashion design and for past 18 years have been the proud owner of a wonderful business creating couture dresses; mainly wedding gowns but also more recently a collection of little black dresses.

One of the single most traumatic events of the past few years was my catwalk debut at White Gallery. I was terrified!


Running the business has been very full on, not least due to my husband being diagnosed with a brain tumour three months after setting up the business. We had one hell of a roller coaster life for the best part of ten years but despite everything, including a terminal diagnosis in 2005 he is still alive- I wouldn't say "kicking" but reasonably healthy and stable. I am so lucky to have him and it is with this in mind along with a rather large birthday looming, that I have made the decision to slow my life, make changes and spend more time with my husband, family and friends. This new chapter will allow me to incorporate the knowledge I have built during my years in the bridal industry and move on to an exciting new venture without turning my back on what I've held dear to me for many years.

Looking back at some proud moments with a few of our editorial features.


Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with the most lovely women from all over the country and some have even come further afield. It has been an amazing, satisfying and rewarding journey and we have made many brides extremely happy. I am hoping that I can now continue to work in this wonderful Industry and put my knowledge, experience and expertise into helping, guiding and supporting many of you.


I am a great organiser, a perfectionist, fussy some might say....I like things just so! I really enjoy a challenge, cannot wait to tackle problems and love making other people happy.

I like order and calm, wear too much black, love my boots. I enjoy my food immensely, especially Thai cuisine, good old English classics and am very partial to a glass of wine and single malt whisky. I love to read, have a great fascination for the ballet and fashion. I'm a jazz baby and lover of all things 1920's and Art Deco. I need green space and I love to listen to the birds singing.The V&A is my favourite museum. I love my cat and have a complete fascination with elephants.

Enough about me - this is about you and what we can do to help. So looking forward to the potential of working with you to create magic xx