We'll Tweet Your Tweets

Twitter helps you connect to your customers

Whilst I don’t feel that Twitter is the most important social media platform for those in the Bridal Industry, I do think it is important to have a presence and awareness and it is a great way of connecting with other wedding industry vendors and potential clients whilst keeping up to date with trends and new products.

As with Instagram, twitter is mobile. Many people stay up to speed on Twitter through their phone or tablet – your followers may be on the go, but they are staying connected.

Twitter can be used to create brand awareness, market new products, promote special offers or simply have a chat. It is also a great way of promoting your company blog, getting the word out and spreading your news.

Once again, visuals matter and in my opinion have a far stronger impact than simple text alone. A good steady flow of relevant, up to date tweets will definitely benefit your business profile.

Twitter is used in different ways by everyone. We believe in less is more. Dont overload your feed with unimportant "chat" you will put people off. We want to keep people focussed and interested and keen to see more.

Twitter is an easy media to pre-programme so you dont need to worry about not being able to tweet if you are busy for the day.Even better, allow us to look after your account for you. We can concentrate on your brand, the products, events and so on and you can add the spontaneity that is also great from Twitter. The best of both worlds.