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Facebook is a wonderful platform to showcase and market your business

Facebook has long been the king of social media marketing and for many it still is the favourite. With its algorithm based feed it can be hit and miss as to who sees your post and who doesn’t. If you are happy to advertise then that is where facebook can come into its own. Facebook ads are some of the best and cheapest sources for advertising a new wedding business. Facebook ads is actually a great way of reaching a select targeted audience at a relatively low cost to you. This is monitored……. Optimize social media and network your wedding business on Facebook. Social media in recent years has risen to become a very effective way to outreach and engage potential customers. According to Facebook’s website, one in every 13 people on the planet is on Facebook with more than 650 million active users. Many engaged couples research wedding vendors before contracting business services or purchasing products and Facebook is one of the online venues often regarded.

I am sure you will agree this is quite a different journey compared to those of days gone by! So, as social becomes an inextricable part of our lives, it’s changing and reshaping even the most traditional of industries. Keeping a finger on the social pulse at all times is a guaranteed way to not only keep abreast with changing trends, but also find new ways to market your services to a rapidly evolving consumer base.

Although many people associate algorithms with Google, Facebook also has many algorithms running on a regular basis. And I can’t think of one more important than its News Feed algorithm. That’s what determines the posts and updates you see when you log into your account. With most people having hundreds of “friends”, while also liking many Pages and publishers, the News Feed has gotten very crowded over the past few years. So, Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what shows up, and in which order. And that order can have a serious impact on businesses trying to reach a targeted audience.