Don't be afraid to make changes

For months I asked myself what, why, where, how. It took me a long while to realise I could let go of Emma Hunt Wedding Dresses and move on.

I had had such high hopes for the business but with one thing and another I never quite managed to get the business where I wanted it to be and so often felt like a failure because of that. One of the many problems of being a perfectionist!


Say goodbye to Zsa Zsa Gabor

In memory of Zsa Zsa Gabor, who died this week at the grand old age of 99. Looking back at a life of love, luxury, laughter and husbands!


An Evening of Delight

Imagine my delight when a VIP invite popped into my inbox from makeup artist Clare Pinkney to join her at the Caudalie Boutique Spa. How could any girl refuse.

Oh and what an evening of delight beheld me, full of fabulous products, wonderful wine,friends and the most amazingly knowledgeable and helpful staff.