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Having spent over twenty years working within the Wedding Industry

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For 18 years I was the creative force behind Emma Hunt London, designing and producing bridal and occasion wear for private clients and retail. During these years I built a vast network of friends, suppliers and contacts and have gained a strong understanding of how the industry works and what is needed to promote your business.

I have now spent the last three years working alongside some wonderful people and companies supporting them with their social media. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in this time and am always making sure I am up-to-date with the latest information and advice.

A large corporate social media company will baffle you with figures and facts and give you a good hard sales pitch which sounds great, but in effect they don’t understand you or your company and are actually incapable of providing the goods. We want our actions to speak for us. I have become very accustomed to listening to my client’s needs and assessing in a very short time frame what is important to them and what is not necessary. I have a brilliant eye for detail, am very particular, dedicated to my task and have the creative ability to produce media and artwork for you too.

The single most important thing is that whoever you trust to be your voice, understands you, your likes, dislikes, ambitions and your company ethos.

I think I can safely say that most of us now know the importance of social media; its possibilities and potential but where does it fit into your priority list? Juggling every aspect of a small business is time consuming and often leaves us not accomplishing everything we set out to do. So often I hear people saying that they are worried about having someone else manage their social media for them as it won't have their voice or be their vibe. I can assure you that it is our priority to make sure we only work with you if we feel we can achieve this effectively. Don't just take my word for it though, here are a few lovely reviews from our clients:

 “Emma is extremely pro-active, professional, reliable and her attention to detail is all spot on. She has completely understood my brand, my brand tone of voice, the use of imagery in terms of brand fit and I whole heartedly trust her with my social media representation. Anyone looking for a top notch social media manager, Emma is without doubt the person you need to be speaking to!”
- Nicola, Propose PR

"She took so much time (and patience) over really ‘getting’ my style, gave me space to figure out what I wanted and took nothing personally when I wanted to make changes or tweak things at the start which - being incredibly fussy has always been an issue for me... Having Emma on board’s freed up so much time and pressure for me to put my energy into other areas"
- Lissy, Lissy Puig

"Emma has produced outstanding work for me within a short space of time. She is efficient, thorough, passionate about her work and she always goes that extra mile. Her knowledge of the wedding industry is second to none and has an instinct for just knowing what will work - she just gets on with it which is invaluable. Emma comes highly recommended by me."
- Donna, Donna Crain Surrey

We will work with you to improve your business. Let us help you achieve those goals and tick the to-do list more effectively!