How We Work

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We offer both guideline packages and individual bespoke quotes

We will:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Offer advice & suggestions
  • Create a personal plan


Whilst we have put together some initial guideline packages, we understand totally that every business is different, requirements and needs vary and the majority of work will probably warrant an individual quote. There is always a way of making it work.

We provide help and support with the four main social media channels that we feel are of most importance to you in the Bridal Industry. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We can pin your pins, post your posts, tweet your tweets and feed your feed.

It is important to us that we can offer something for everyone; no job is too small but before we do anything, we need to understand you and your company.

We are super flexible and offer management on any level. We thoroughly believe that communication is the key to all successful relationships.Talk to us, tell us what you need, what you would like to achieve and what you feel is missing. We will work with you to create your own personal social media plan.