Social Media ?

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Why should you use social media for your business

It will:

  • Increase brand awareness for your business
  • Improve visibility in search engines
  • Increase traffic to your website


If you are still unsure why you should use social media for your business, see the list below for a better understanding of a few of the things it can do:

It spreads the word. It helps you build relationships and attract more clients. It helps you connect with others in the same industry. It improves efficiency of customer service. It gives you inspiration. It showcases your goods.

To me there is no doubt that the power and importance of social media within the wedding industry is huge. Im pretty sure if you ask most brides-to-be what their first step of wedding planning is, they will tell you it’s to create a Pinterest Board of their ideal wedding. In years gone by this was achieved by buying copious amounts of magazines and creating an actual collage of ideas and likes. Today with the help from Social media networks this is all made so much quicker and easier and the bride can share her dreams and aspirations with whomever she pleases with a click of a button.

With the rise of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, wedding planning has changed – which is the major reason why social media is just as important for wedding vendors as they are for brides.